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Dear Guy Hidden Behind Black Sunglasses with dog,

I only see you on rather rare occasions. Your black little lab thing is very adorable. You usually look exactly the same with your baseball cap and black sunglasses. Do I know you?

We’ll always be walking our dogs in opposite directions so when I turn a corner I’ll see you, rarely, but you run the other way. I dunno if it’s cuz your shy or if your dog is mean to other dogs, but he seems so nice. All I know is that I really want to talk to you for some reason. ha.

You’re kinda small as in, skinny and fragile looking orrrr I dunno hahahaha just maybe a lil under developed(: So I feel like the only thing preventing me liking you cuz your mystery interests me, is the fact that I can’t tell if you my age or younger…
younger would really kill my self of steam. Maybe if I could see behind your sunglasses..
I like your aviators very much

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